Women's History Trading Cards (set of 20)

Women's History Trading Cards (set of 20)


A set of 20, 4” x 6” trading cards featuring Utah women’s advocates. One side has a short biography with key facts and a photograph of the advocate, and the other side features an illustrated portrait drawn by the artist, Brooke Smart, who was commissioned by Better Days 2020 to illustrate 50 key figures in Utah women's history.

This deck includes:

  • Alice Kasai

  • Barbara Toomer

  • Emma S. Richards

  • Emma J. McVicker

  • Emmeline B. Wells

  • Fanny Brooks

  • Franklin S. Richards

  • Hannah Kaaepa

  • Ivy Baker Priest

  • Jennie Froiseth

  • Kanab Town Council

  • Mae Timbimboo Parry

  • Martha Hughes Cannon

  • Mary Isabella Horne

  • Mignon Barker Richmond

  • Olene Walker

  • Sarah M. Kimball

  • Seraph Young

  • Susan B. Anthony

  • Zitkala-Sa

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