The Beginning of Better Days 2020: A Personal Perspective

We excitedly recognized the synchronized anniversaries over a year ago. The rest, we hope, is history.

It seemed too good to be true: the year 2020 would be the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote nationally. But 2020 would also be the 150th anniversary of Utah's women being the first in the modern nation to cast ballots. We couldn't let this chance to commemorate Utah's special place in women's history slip away.

Thanks to an appropriation from the Utah State Legislature and to corporate donors such as Nu Skin, we have been able to plan out projects for the year 2020 that will reclaim the history of women's advocacy that shaped Utah society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We will introduce names of women we have come to love - Emmeline B. Wells, Martha Hughes Cannon, Emily G. Richards - and use their stories to make Utah, once again, a place where women lead. 

Join us in this unique celebration!

Neylan McBaine and Mandee Grant

Our Name

Better Days 2020 draws its name for a rally cry the women of Utah territory used as they worked towards women's equality. "This is the beginning of better days..." Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), had said when founding a women's organization in 1842. This statement continued to inspire all women of Utah late into the 19th century. 

We liked the name because it suggests we are living in the "better days" those women worked for. It also looks forward to the "better days" our own daughters and granddaughters will enjoy because of our own efforts. It creates a celebratory and aspirational bridge between generations of Utah women. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to popularize the past in creative and communal ways so that we can open doors to conversation about the future of Utah women. 

Better Days is a state-wide, multi-channel campaign in the year 2020 that will coincide with the 150th anniversary of women first voting in Utah and the 100th anniversary of women voting nationally.

By celebrating these historical events in creative and communal ways, we will draw attention to our storied past, be a positive catalyst for conversation and remembrance, and give energy to Utah’s women today to be more engaged participants in our corporate and political communities. Additionally, this campaign will give Utahans the knowledge and tools to take control of the negative national narrative about our women and culture.

Our Goals

Use the triumphs and complexities of Utah's storied past to energize a conversation about women in Utah today.

Give Utahans the knowledge and tools to take control of the national narrative about women in Utah.

Grow Utah's business, political and educational communities by unleashing the potential of women.

Our Projects

Visit the Campaign page on our website to learn about our specific projects. 

Neylan Mcbaine