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In February 2018, the Utah Legislature approved the placement of a statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon in Washington D.C.'s National Statuary Hall.

Now we need your help to make it happen.


Who is Martha?

Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon was the first female state senator in the nation.

She was elected to the Utah State Senate in 1896, 25 years before most women in the United States could even vote. Placing her statue in Washington D.C. gives us the opportunity to share her story, as well as stories from the dozens of amazing women from Utah.

Why a Statue?

Every state has two statues in National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C. — and only 9 of the 100 statues are women (yes, it’s true).

National Statuary Hall is a collection of 100 statues in the U.S. Capitol building, two from every state. Sending Martha to Washington is a way for Utah to show that to be a Utahn is to be an advocate for women. It's in our DNA as a state, and Martha is a way to remind ourselves - and the nation - that our women led the nation.

Also, even though statues can feel like old fashioned sorts of things, the people we celebrate in our public iconography reflects what's important to us. If we only show men in our public images, it suggests only men are important. What we show in our public images also defines the impressions of our younger generations: if they only see men, they will learn that only men do things that have public impact. So, what we see in D.C. and elsewhere is important to our culture and values. 

Why Now?

Utah played an important and historic role in the women’s rights movement and it’s time to tell that story. 

  • On February 14th, 1870 the first American woman voted—here, in the beautiful state of Utah. 
  • The year 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women the right to vote. #ShatterGlass
  • The year 2020 is the 55th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act which made suffrage possible for ALL women.

Passing this resolution during the 2018 season gives us an opportunity to place Martha’s statue in the year 2020 to celebrate those anniversaries.

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We’ll be working with fellow #girlbosses to create giveaways and share our message. You could win:

  1. A day at the Utah Legislature
  2. Lunch with Martha H. Cannon Caucus
  3. Sweet Merch
  4. A chance to meet the sculptor

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