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Legislation for a 19th Amendment centennial quarter from each state

To recognize the women’s suffrage campaigns that were conducted in each state, a bipartisan bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress to direct the Treasury Secretary to establish a quarter program featuring a prominent woman from each state.  Please ask your Representative today to support H.R.1923.  Below is a “Dear Colleague” letter you can use or put your request in your own words.  To find your district’s Representative, click here. Thank you.

 Dear Representative:

I am writing to encourage you to become a cosponsor of bipartisan bill H.R. 1923, the Women's History and 19th Amendment Centennial Quarter Dollar Coin Program Act. This legislation would direct the Treasury Secretary to establish a quarter program featuring a prominent woman from each state, territory, and the District of Columbia starting in 2021 at the conclusion of the current quarter coin program. Since Utah was the first place where an American woman voted under equal suffrage laws - on February 14, 1870 - we should lead out in the effort to support this bill.

Since our nation's founding, women have played an instrumental role in shaping this country, yet these sacrifices and accomplishments have often gone unrecognized. By uplifting and showcasing these amazing women on our currency, Americans will have an opportunity to learn more about the unsung pioneers who built our nation and celebrate their accomplishments.

Under this bill, the governor or executive of each state or territory would submit a design to the Secretary in consultation with various stakeholders including local groups in each state. Starting in 2021, five designs would be released into circulation each year until all the states, territories, and the District of Columbia are featured.

This quarter program coincides with the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment by directing the Mint to reveal the first 5 designs during August 2020, 100 years to the month of the ratification.

We hope you will join us in this important effort by cosponsoring this bill.

June 10-14, 2019

University of Utah Teacher Training Workshop: The Struggle for Women’s Rights in Utah: 1870s - 1970s

Dr. Jenny Reeder, 19th Century Women's History Specialist, LDS Church History Department; Katherine Kitterman, Historical Director, Better Days 2020; Dr. Martha Bradley-Evans, Professor in the College of Architecture; Dr. Farina King, Assistant Professor of History, Northeastern State University; Dr. Naomi Watkins, Director of Education, Better Days 2020

 This workshop will explore the suffrage and women’s rights movements in Utah, including Native women’s unique challenges, from 1870 through the women’s rights movement of the 1970s. This workshop will seek to answer questions such as: What factors led to Utah women being the first to vote in the early modern nation? Why and how did Utah women lose and then regain the vote? How did Utah women participate in the national women’s suffrage movement? How did some Utah women shift from being leaders in the women’s rights movement to opposing this movement in the 1970s?

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February 26, 2019

Finding Utah Suffragists

Throughout the course of the suffrage movement, between Seneca Falls in 1848 and the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, over 3 million women participated in the effort to gain women the right to vote. Join the Brigham Young University Family History Club and Better Days 2020’s Historical Director Katherine Kitterman for a talk and workshop on finding information on Utah suffragists to add to the Better Days 2020 local suffrage histories.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


BYU Campus

B094 Joseph F. Smith Building




March 7, 2019


Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women’s Legacy Archive Annual Lecture: Justice Christine Durham

Justice Christine Durham, retired Justice of the Utah Supreme Court, will give this year's annual lecture. In recognition of the complexity and change experienced by 20th century women in Utah and elsewhere, the mission of the Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive is to document and preserve the history of women whose lives and work helped create social and cultural change.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


J. Willard Marriott Library Gould Auditorium, Level 1
295 South 1500 East
University of Utah

Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

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July 15-19, 2019

University of Utah Teacher Training Workshop: Race and Religion in the Women’s Rights Movement 1865 - 1965

This workshop is designed to educate on current scholarship and help teach about women’s rights in the classroom. Equal time will be devoted to the experience of women of color, as most Utah teachers are well aware of Euro-American women’s suffrage work but less aware of their exclusion of women of color, as well as the realities of voter suppression in 20th century America and today. This workshop will be hosted in collaboration with Better Days 2020, a non-profit dedicated to popularizing Utah women's history in the lead up to 2020, which will be not only be the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment but the 150th anniversary of Utah women's first votes. Better Days 2020 has created a curriculum to bring the story of suffrage alive in both Utah studies and U.S. history classes.

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January 23, 2019


Strategies That Male Allies Use to Advance Women in the Workplace

Join Dr. Susan Madsen, Spencer Cox, Carine Clark, Sui Lang Panoke, and Jeff Burningham, to discuss Dr. Madsen’s latest study.

Dr. Susan R. Madsen and her team will present their latest brief, "Strategies That Male Allies Use to Advance Women in the Workplace," followed by a panel discussion with Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, Carine Clark, Sui Lang Panoke, and Jeff Burningham.

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7:30am: Check in 

8am: Welcome 


8:15am: Dr. Susan R. Madsen's presentation 

9am: Panel discussion with LG Spencer Cox, Carine Clark, Sui Lang Panoke, and Jeff Burningham

*All are welcome to attend, but we strongly encourage men who are interested in becoming stronger allies and advocates for women to attend.

In partnership with the Utah Women & Leadership Project