Request for Qualifications

Council Hall Utah Women’s History Project

Request for qualifications from artists and/or artist teams interested in creating site specific installation to the first women to vote in this modern nation at Council Hall in Salt Lake City, UT on February 14, 1870.

Better Days 2020 is requesting qualifications for artists interested in creating a sculptural project for the grounds of the Council Hall building. It is the hope of the project this conceptual , non-figurative sculptural installation will mark and memorialize the first woman to vote and the millions of women who have voted in Utah and across the nation since that day. This monument will become the marker for Utahans and tourists about that moment in history. It is anticipated the monument will be created in bronze and/or natural stone like granite or marble. It is important the work is site specific in its relationship to and interaction with the historic Council Hall in context, material, and scale. The Committee has suggested the northwest corner from Council Hall as a potential site. It is the southeast corner of State Street and 300 North which may become a traffic round-about in the future. The area is approx. 100’ x 150’ of sod with a flag pole and plaque at 27’ from the north sidewalk and 41’ from the west sidewalk.

For more details on the project and instructions on how to submit your qualifications, download the RFQ document.